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Africa stands out as the ultimate destination on Earth, making it the top choice for travelers who seek the finest safari experience. Endowed with unparalleled wildlife, plant life, and fauna, embarking on a safari in Africa has the power to transform your life profoundly.

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8Days Tanzania Mid-Range Safaris

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8Days Tanzania High-End Luxury Safaris

8 Days & 7 Nights Arusha -Tarangire – Ngorongoro- Serengeti Safari Highlights Embark on an unforgettable a Luxury journey through the wild wonders of Tanzania, where...

8Days Tanzania Wildlife Epic Safaris

8 Days & 7 Nights Arusha -Tarangire – Lake Manyara – Ngorongoro-Serengeti Safari Highlights Embark on an unforgettable journey through the wild wonders of...

8Days Thrill of the Chase, Wildlife in Tanzania

8 Days & 7 Nights Arusha – Tarangire – Manyara – Ngorongoro – Serengeti Safari Highlights Unforgettable journey through the wild wonders of Tanzania...

Why Choose

African Heart Expeditions

Opting for African Heart Expeditions is a no-brainer for several reasons. Firstly, their commitment to providing a unique and unforgettable safari experience sets them apart. With a deep understanding and appreciation of Africa’s rich biodiversity, the team at African Heart Expeditions ensures that every journey is a life-enriching adventure.

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Years of Experience

The expertise of African Heart Expeditions’ guides adds another layer of excellence to the experience. Armed with extensive knowledge and a passion for sharing the wonders of Africa, these guides turn each safari into an educational and awe-inspiring journey.

In essence, choosing African Heart Expeditions means opting for a travel partner that goes beyond the ordinary, offering a transformative adventure while contributing to the preservation of Africa’s incredible natural heritage.

Unleash the Beat of Africa with African Heart Expeditions,
26 Years of Unforgettable Journeys

Welcome to African Heart Tours, your gateway to the vibrant soul of Africa! Nestled in the heart of Arusha, Tanzania, we’ve been crafting breathtaking adventures for discerning travelers for 26 years. Our passion lies in igniting your senses with authentic experiences, from the golden sunrises over the Serengeti to the soulful rhythms of Maasai villages.

Why Choose Us

Unparalleled Expertise

With 26 years of experience, we know Africa like the back of our hand. Our expert guides, handpicked for their local knowledge and infectious enthusiasm, will immerse you in the rhythm of each region.

Award-Winning Excellence

Our commitment to exceptional service has been recognized by the prestigious Business Initiative Directions (BID) with two awards, and the World Commitment Award on Gold Category in 2017. This is your guarantee of an unforgettable journey.

Tailor-Made Adventures

We don't believe in one-size-fits-all safaris. Whether you dream of spotting the Big Five on a thrilling game drive, scaling the majestic Kilimanjaro, or discovering hidden cultural gems, we craft itineraries that resonate with your soul.

Sustainable Tourism

We are deeply committed to preserving Africa's natural splendor and vibrant cultures. We practice responsible tourism, supporting local communities and minimizing our environmental impact.

What our clients say abou us

Thomas T
Thomas T
In the footsteps of Grizmek My wife and I went on a 5-day safari in Tarangire, Serengeti and Ngorongoro Np in October 2023. From the first contact with Moses, who gave us good advice, to the warm farewell in Arusha, it was a perfect experience. The jeep was in very good condition, which is important because we spent a lot of time in it visiting all the fascinating places. Christopher, our driver, who not only mastered the vehicle perfectly on these adventurous roads but is also a real hunter, gave us insights into the wildlife where others just rushed past us. The accommodations offered every luxury imaginable, and we liked the Kati-Kati tended camp the best. It won't be the last time we use the services of African Heart Expedition.
Een Droom beleving Met ons hele gezin een waarzinnige Safari reis gemaakt. In een kleine 5 weken hebben we heel noord Tanzania bezocht. De reis welke was georganiseerd door Africanheart, was tot in de puntjes georganiseerd. Echt geweldig. Een aanrader voor iedereen die op Safari wil. 10x beter als alle andere "grote" organisaties, die je met z'n alle in een auto of bus propt. Hier heb je de regie in eigen handen, samen met je gids. Echt een onvergetelijk avontuur
This would be one of the best things you’ll ever experience Wow. It’s almost impossible to find adequate words to describe our fantastic 6 night camping safari. We saw so many amazing animals. Salim, also known as ‘eagle eye’ didn’t just spot animals, birds and unusual plants, he knew lots of information about them all. We couldn’t recommend this trip highly enough.
Astrid D
Astrid D
Onvergetelijke ervaring! We zijn op safari geweest in 4 parken. Dit was een onvergetelijke, fantastische ervaring! Voor we aan de safari begonnen, werden we uitgebreid gebriefd door Peter. Dat stelde ons ook wat meer gerust aangezien we niet goed wisten wat we moesten verwachten. Wij hadden een heel ervaren gids (Msangi). Hij vond namelijk veel dieren door zijn eigen ervaring en ging zelden af op de radio. Hij vroeg welke dieren we graag wouden zien en ging actief op zoek. Dankzij hem hebben we alle dieren gezien die we wouden zien (inclusief de Big Five). Op het einde van de dag werd telkens het schema van de volgende dag overlopen en duidelijke afspraken gemaakt. We waren ook heel tevreden van de kok. Hij maakte zowel 's morgens als 's avonds heel lekker eten. Ook de lunchbox was steeds goed gevuld. De Toyota Landcruiser was uitgerust met een frigo en een stopcontact. Zo konden we onderweg de batterij van onze camera opladen. We voelden ons steeds veilig in de auto. Heel de reis is vlekkeloos verlopen!
Daan Lambrechts
Daan Lambrechts
Fantastische safari! We zijn net terug van een enorm leuke en prachtige safari! Lizzy heeft ons goed ontvangen en begeleid voor het vertrek. Tijdens de safari zelf werden we verwend door de kennis en het arendsoog van de gidsen. Alle dieren die we wilden zien (big five, cheetah, giraf, zebra's, gnoes,...) hebben we effectief van dichtbij kunnen bewonderen. Ook de kok heeft ons verrast met heerlijke gerechten!
Tom V
Tom V
GEWELDIG een geweldige ervaring met topgidsen en een topchef! Als ik 6 sterren had kunnen geven, had ik dit gedaan. Deze expeditie had niet beter kunnen verlopen. Absoluut top!
Maxime v
Maxime v
Serengeti/Ngorongoro Onze belevenis in Serengeti/Ngorongoro valt moeilijk te omschrijven. Euforisch/zalig/allesovertreffend/... Gidsen beschikten over ervaring/kennis/vaardigheden en hebben ons alle en dan ook alle pracht van de Serengeti laten zien. Ook onze buikjes moesten niet op hun honger zitten met de beste kok in Tanzania. Aanrader 10/10!
Wonderful holiday We had an amazing holiday thanks to African Heart. The people who run this company are so passionate to present their clients with the best service possible. We climbed Mt. Meru and Mt. Kilimanjaro, and we had a safari in the Serengeti and Ngorogoro crater. Thanks to their service we had a super experience. I would strongly recommend this company to anyone looking for a reliable company to arrange their safari's and climbs in Tanzania.
Andrea K
Andrea K
Highly recommended We had a marvellous time in Tansania thanks to African Heart Expeditions and do higly recommend them. They choose an interesting route, provided a skillfull driver with "good eyes", therefore we saw lots of wildlife - although in 2016 more wildlife could have been seen a few weeks earlier than June. But we still had many unforgettable moments with the Big Five (e.g. lions feeding on prey, 11 lions on a treee, some of them just climbing up!) and saw uncountable smaller animals. Just great! We enjoyed also the hotels and safari tents - really hard to choose which one was best. Also the food needs to be mentioned: try by yourself and enjoy :-). We were taken very good care of every minute and do want to return some day.
Perfect Trip I really enjoyed a safari tour of 6 days and 5 nights with my family. We went to Tarangire National Park, Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Conservation Area. Our guide (Msangi) had a wonderful eyesight, finding animals very far from him which I couldn't see without field glasses. And he was willing to comply with our requests. For instance, when we wanted to see the sunrise, he tooks us to the spot of sunrise. Futhermore he had a lot of knowledge about wildlife. For example he knew that hyenas came after lions finished eating, so we could watch not only lions eating a buffalo but also hyenas replacing lions, which was rare to see. He also waited for us until we were enough satisfied with observing animals. At last, he respected nature. He never destroys nature nor brakes rules even if the clients want him to do so. The cook (Fraha) was also great. Meals were always delicious and enough. Since every meal is different, we could not be bored. Although our stomachs were weak, we had no problem. The campsite near Tarangire was clean and had hot showers. The campsites in Serengeti and Ngorongoro, however, had only cold showers. If you do not have confidence of strength, I recommend you to stay at lodges or hotels. But even if you are beginners of camping , you don’t need be worried because some staffs put up and pull down our tents. After we finished the tour, our guide, cook, and Peter, the president of the company, visited our hotel. They asked us how we felt on our trip. It’s good to tell them our opinions face to face. We had a special time in Safari thanks to them!!

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