12Days Tanzania Safari Photography, Capture the Essence of Africa

6-Day Safari Trip – Calving Season

6-Day Lake Eyasi – Serengeti – Ngorongoro Safari Highlights Experience the best of Tanzania with our exclusive 6-day safari itinerary. Stay at luxury accommodations, visit Lake Eyasi, witness the wildebeest calving season in Ndutu, explore Central Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater, and conclude your adventure with African Heart Expeditions. This itinerary promises a memorable safari in […]

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Hidden Gems of Tanzania's Safari Trails

4-Day Big Five Safari Trip

4-Day Serengeti – Ngorongoro Safari Highlights Welcome to Tanzania. Embark on an unforgettable African adventure with our 4-day safari itinerary, starting with a serene stay at Outpost Lodge in Arusha, Tanzania. Witness the awe-inspiring wildlife of the Serengeti National Park through exhilarating game drives and immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of the Ngorongoro Crater.

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Tanzania Safaris offer the ultimate adventure! Explore the majestic landscapes, abundant wildlife, and rich cultural heritage of Tanzania with us

7-Day Tanzania Trails

7-Day Manyara – Serengeti – Ngorongoro Safari Highlights Our compelling itinerary promises an exhilarating safari adventure through Tanzania’s remarkable landscapes and wildlife. 1. Manyara National Park: Encounter diverse habitats and iconic tree-climbing lions.2. Serengeti National Park: Experience full-day game drives to see diverse wildlife.3. Ngorongoro Crater: Descend into the UNESCO World Heritage Site for stunning

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Adventures in Tanzania's Wilderness

10-Day Safari Trip Tanzania Zanzibar – Wildebeest Migration

10-Day Tarangire – Serengeti – Ngorongoro – Zanzibar Safari Highlights Greetings! Commence an unforgettable African adventure with our carefully crafted 10-day itinerary. Begin your journey with a tranquil stay at Arusha Serena Lodge before venturing into the wild at Tarangire National Park and Serengeti National Park. Witness the awe-inspiring great migration, explore the Ngorongoro Conservation

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Mount Oldonyo Lengai

Mount Oldonyo Lengai

The Sacred and Unique Volcano of Tanzania Mount Oldonyo Lengai, located in northern Tanzania near the southern shore of Lake Natron, stands as a beacon of geological wonder and cultural significance. Known as the “Mountain of God” by the indigenous Maasai people, this stratovolcano boasts not only a distinctive appearance but also a rich history

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Chemka Hotspring

Exploring Tanzania’s Natural Wonders Tucked away in the heart of Tanzania’s lush landscapes lies a hidden gem waiting to be discovered – Chemka Hotsprings. Nestled amidst the verdant forests near the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro, this natural wonder offers a rejuvenating escape for travelers seeking tranquility and adventure alike. Unveiling Chemka Hotsprings: Chemka Hotsprings, also

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