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What our Customers say

Take a look at what our customers say and view nice client pictures on Tripadvisor.

“We had a wonderful trip and I have to say a large part of that was due to Adam who was a great guide/driver - not only was he a really nice guy but his great driving skills, knowledge of the animals and birds and the area itself was to be really praised, and I would highly recommend him to anyone. A lot is of course a matter of luck in what you see but Adam also seemed to know where to go to find them. The parks/areas we went to and the places we stayed we all fantastic. In hindsight I can now understand the converstions we had prior to going about where the best places were to see the animals at that time of year - Ndutu was definitely it. The fact that the rain came early also changed things a bit it seems including making the area quite wet and boggy. Lake Manyara although it is only a small park seemed to have a lot of animals and was really a great setting, fantastic. The Norongoro Crater is really amazing, and the day we went the weather was really good, that also was an amazing experience. The Farmhouse Lodge was a great choice and was a nice bit of luxury, it was really beautiful and we had a great night there. Ndutu camping was a really nice spot - all the staff were extremely helpful and friendly and you certainly have some good "chefs", we were looked after extremely well We saw the plains with hundreds of wilderbeast and zebra etc, so I can imagine what the peak time must be like. The second camp in Tarangire was also in a great spot and the park is really nice. Obviously the rain early had made a big difference to this park with the high grasses and bridges broken down but it is still a nice park. Once again our second shift of staff were equally good and friendly and the chef fabulous. We congratulate you on the whole set up it is really great. The whole experience was fantastic and we had a wonderful time - 9 days was about right - and we were sorry to leave. We have some amazing photos to sift through. We will certainly recommend you to any one we hear of who is thinking of going there. Thanks again. Cheers...Sue ”

“My wife & I went in Tanzania for a honeymoon. That is really a great place to go to.We spent 1 week on a safari trip in Lac Manyara, N'Gorongoro, Serengeti (3 days) in campsites during nights. Adam and Fuaraha (sorry for the possible mistake in the name..) were so kind to us. I strongly recommend them. We saw thousands of animals, of all kinds. Do not hesitate to go a bit far, were the others do not (we saw a lion hunting a baboon!).Try to get up very early to benefit of the good sunlight for the pictures !After that, we travelled to Zanzibar, for about 10 days. A very pleasant destination. In Stone Town, try to have diners on the port, were there are plenty of people at night, and do not hesitate to walk in the very tight streets, and to go the the markets.After that, we went for a tour of the island : Kizimkazi, Uroa, Nungwi. Very nice beaches on the east and north.For the Jozani forest, maybe the guide will try to do the very minimum.. insist for doing the big tour !Take your time in each place, for you can enjoy it the best.Take care of the return from Zanzibar, which can be very very long.. We went back through Nairobi (much cheaper) but it took us about 26 hours to go back to France... Do not hesitate to have your flights confirmed asap, because it can change and you can waist so much time in the airports..All the people in the African Heart team are nice and trustable. You can ask for the options you want, they are flexible. Anyway, have a good time in Tanzania !”

“Dear Team! This is once again to say you "thank you" for your very good organisation of our two-week holidays in Tanzania. It was an unforgetable experience for us. You proved to be as reliable, punctual, personal and flexible in Tanzania, as you had been during the previous e-mail communication. Thanks also to your people who gave our vacation the very personal flavour: 1. Johny, our guide for the hike on Mt. Kilimanjaro via Machame route, was always reasonable and good for a laugh and the one or the other motivating song. Thanks again for taking us out in the Crystal Club on our last evening in Arusha! 2. David, our driver during the following very individual safari, presented us an incredible number and diversity of wild animals, thereof several families (!) of lions and cheetahs. His animal knowledge - also on birds - was outstanding and could more than compete with our 2 very sympathic Belgian bird experts who African Heart had found to join us. 3. Innocent, our cook on both trips, served us a great variety of good and fresh food, that he immediately adapted when we (only on 1 day) suffered from the typical altitude sickness. 4. Gideon, finally, was always restless and devoted to helping us making the most out of our holidays. Your personal commitment and organisational talent were really making the difference. Not everything is 100% perfect, but you always try to make your "msungus" (us tourists) pleased and happy. We are happy to endorse you further should people want to contact us. ”