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Safaris in Tanzania

Experience the adventure of a safari in Tanzania

Some of the world's most famous National Parks and Game Reserves are found in Tanzania: the Serengeti, the Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Manyara National Park, Tarangire National Park, Selous Game Reserve, and Ruaha National Park. Nowhere in the world will you see wildebeest, gazelle, zebra and antelope in such enormous numbers. Tanzania's characteristic plains make spotting wildlife easy. The world of Jane Goodall's chimpanzees can be explored in Gombe and Mahale National Park.

Tanzania is home to more than 120 different tribes. All this makes Tanzania the #1 safari destination.

National Parks and Game Reserves

Tanzania is famous for its wilderness and widlife splendor. More than a 25% of the country is designated as protected forest, National Parks and Game Reserves.

Wildebeest migration

In pursuit of food and water, over a million wildebeests and half a million zebras and antelopes, followed by their predators, migrate every year between Serentgeti, Ngorongoro Conservation area and Masai Mara.

This great experience you book with the professionals from African Heart Expeditions.

Safaris with African Heart Expeditions

Take a look at our sample safaris, designed to experience the best Tanzania has to offer. But feel free to design you own safari itinerary, according to you own specific wishes.

Camping safari Tanzania

Budget safaris

Experience the African wilderness under canvas. 

Camping in the wild is the best way to become one with the untamed nature.

Luxury lodge Tanzania

Mid-range & Luxury safaris

Experience the wilderness in opulence with a luxury safari

A luxury safari combines Lodge / Tented Lodge experience in the bush with excellent cuisine.

Fly-in safari Tanzania, airplane with wild animal

Fly-in safaris

A comfortable way to discover East Africa. 

With a small charter plane you fly directly into the African bush, where you'll be collected by 4 wheel drive car to take you to your nearby lodge.

Balloon safari Tanzania, balloon Serengeti


Special ways to discover Tanzania.

Adventurous? We can arrange Horseback, Mountainbike and Balloon safaris.
We can also take you on a Chimpanzee or Gorilla safari.