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African Heart Expeditions - Discover Tanzania

We are committed to providing you the opportunity to experience Africa, where you can get back to nature, back to yourself.
lion in Tanzania


Experience the adventure of a safari in Tanzania

Some of the world's most famous National Parks and Game Reserves are found in Tanzania: the Serengeti, the Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Manyara National Park, Tarangire National Park, Selous Game Reserve, and Ruaha National Park. Nowhere in the world will you see wildebeest, gazelle, zebra and antelope in such enormous numbers.

Traditional Zanzibar fishing boat


A jewel in tranquil coral waters of the Indian Ocean. 

The very name Zanzibar conjures up exotic and romantic images. There are two main islands making up Zanzibar : Unguja and Pemba. Zanzibar Town is on Unguja Island, which is generally referred to as "Zanzibar".
Zanzibar is one of the world's most beautiful islands 

Mount Kilimanjaro Tanania


Mt. Kilimanjaro is one of the continent's most magnificent sights.

An almost perfectly shaped volcano, which rises from the plains. Snow-capped at 5895m, it is the highest peak in Africa. From cultivated farmlands on the lower level, it rises through lush rainforest onto alpine meadows and finally across a barren lunar landscape to the snow and ice capped summit. 

Mount Meru Tanzania

Mt. Meru

Mt. Meru is a spectacular classic volcanic cone, and well worth a visit. 

Mt. Meru is the second highest mountain in Tanzania at 4566m (14,979 ft), A trek to the summit involves hiking through the grassland and lush forest on the mountain's beautiful lower slopes, followed by a dramatic and exhilarating walk along the knife-edge rim of the horseshoe crater. 

Trekking in Tanzania with Masai


Trekking is without a doubt the best way to experience Africa

The two most interesting cultural trekking in Masai area are Ngorongoro Highlands and Usambara Mountains.