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FAQ Tanzania, Safaris and Kilimanjaro

How big are your groups on a safari?

Our 4 wheel drive safari vehicles offer comfortable place to five people in the rear, and one person in front with the driver. So we can take up to 6 people on a safari. If your group has more people we will schedule additional vehicles.

Can we go on safari only the two of us?

Of course you can go on your own private safari, together with your driver/guide. In fact, most of our safaris are privately organized. The price however depends on the number of people on safari.

We are only two people. Can we join other people on a safari ?

We are only two people; can we join other people on a safari?

Yes, There are different possibilities:

- Put together your own safari, and promote it on our Facebook page.

- Place a message on our Facebook page.

Can we rent a self-drive car?

In Tanzania you will only find a self-drive car for short trips within town. It is not possible to rent a self-drive car outside of town. A car with driver can be rented though.

Do we undertake the climb alone or together with other climbers?

This depends on the number of people in your group. We normally do not mix groups. If you are only one or two people, you might climb together with one or two other people.

How do we get drinking water on the Kilimanjaro?

You will start your climb with 3 bottles of mineral water for the first day. Further up the mountain, water will be boiled and filtered for you.

How many guides, cooks and porters do we get?

All depends on the number of people in your group. You will have one leading guide, with assistant guide(s) serving as porter. We'll arrange for enough porters. The cook can go with an assistant for bigger groups.

What if one of us gets sick and has to return?

In case one person gets sick and has to stay behind or even return, he or she will be accompanied by one of the assistant guides. The leading guide continues with the others.

Can we get our visa on arrival?

Yes, for both Tanzania and Kenya you can get a visum on arrival at the airport or at Namanga border.

How do I proceed with my reservation and payment?

Once we agreed on a certain itinerary and the price, you will be asked to make a downpayment on our bank account. Your booking will be confirmed upon receipt of this deposit, and we'll send you a confirmation e-mail. We shall then also proceed making the necessary reservations. The remaining balance is to be paid cash upon arrival in Tanzania. If you would prefer not to travel with Cash money, you can also pay the balance on our bank account. The balance has then to be paid upon our account 45 days before start of the itinerary ( Bank transfer take around 5 working days).

Can I pay with Credit Card?

Balance payment can be done in either cash USD or credit card (Visa - MasterCard - American Express). With credit card payments, there is a 6-7% surcharge.

Best is still to bring cash USD. You'll get the best exchange rates for 50 and 100 USD notes. Also make sure not to bring USD notes older than 1990, as these are not accepted anymore in Tanzania.

Can we use Euro's in Tanzania?

Yes, the Euro can easily be exchanged into Tanzanian currency in the exchange bureau's. They can, however, not yet be used for payment of entry fees in the national parks. We therefore still require payments in USD.

Do we need travel insurance?

It is strongly recommended that all clients be individually insured. This travel insurance should cover personal accidents, medical expenses and repatriation, trip cancellation and loss of personal belongings. Make certain your insurer is aware of the type of travel you will be involved in.

How can we go from Arusha to Zanzibar?

There are several daily flights from Arusha or Kilimanjaro to Zanzibar, which we can book for you. It is also possible to fly directly from Serengeti to Zanzibar, with either scheduled flight or charter plane.

Can we leave excess luggage behind in a hotel whilst on a safari or trekking?

Yes, in most hotels you can leave your Kilimanjaro equipment behind whilst on safari, or your swimming suite whilst on the mountain. Of course this is only possible if you return to this hotel afterwards. There is also the possibility to leave luggage behind at our office.

Do you take bookings for hotel only?

If you only want to book a hotel, wihtout booking a safari, a 5% reservation charge will apply, with a minimum of 25 USD and maximum 100 USD. Full payment is required upfront.

Can we book our international flight with your company?

Unfortunately, as a Tanzanian touroperator, we cannot assist you for your international flight. There are different airline companies flying to Kilimanjaro airport, Dar-es-Salaam, Zanzibar or Nairobi. Some companies offer the possibility to arrive at Kilimanjaro or Nairobi airport, and depart from Zanzibar or Dar-es-Salaam. Here is a list of the main airline companies.

In the event of a life threatening medical emergency, ICAA will provide your with air abulance services, once only, during your stay in East Africa (anywhere in Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar within 2000 kms radius from Nairobi's Wilson Airport).

Membership costs 10 USD pp for 8 weeks (56 days), effective as soon as you arrive in East Africa.


On board are physicians and nurses, all being intensive care specialists, as well as in-flight life support equipment, drugs and fully disposable one-use-only consumables.


ICC also offers free medical advise. Members may call ICAA round the clock for free medical advise.


This insurance is available from our office :


For further information

Intensive Care Air Ambulance - ICAA

P.O. Box 27567, Wilson Airport, Nairobi